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Covid Essential

Covid Essential


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COVID - 19 Essentials

What do you actually need to stock up at home during the pandemic?

From hand sanitizer shortages, then toilet paper hoarding. Then the lines at the grocery store are lengthening, shelves are emptying, and you may wonder: Should you really be stocking up right now? And what do you actually need to buy? We curated 4 Essential items you need during this covid19 season:

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    Make sure you have products on sick day essentials.

    Stock up ahead of time on anything you think you may want or need while sick. That could mean:Pain and fever reducers, Cough medicines, Tea, popsicles, broth, and sports drinks and Tissues and sanitizers.

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    Be organize, get your medications in order.

    This is especially important if you're part of an at-risk group Trusted Source. This includes people with: heart disease, lung disease and diabetes. If you take prescription medications of any kind, see if you can get a refill now so that you have extra on hand if you're unable to leave your home.

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    Prepare your home with all the essential on hand.

    The idea here is to make sure you have what you need if you're sick and unable to leave your home.

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    Keep a two (2) weeks supply of food on hand.

    So it's a smart move to have some essentials on hand. Here are some suggestions for what to stock up on:Frozen foods, Pasta and rice, Bread and cereal, and Shelf-stable milk.

Get Covid essentials right in the convenience of your fingertips!

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